The Amazing Barry

Create an event that people will always remember!

Do you need an entertainer that can command an audience’s attention?

Do you need an act that everyone can enjoy?

Do you need a show that people will talk about the next day and for years to come?

It was the most amazing, jaw-dropping show I’ve ever seen.


-Mark Gasper
Dead Parrot Disks

The Amazing Barry combines award-winning speaking, improv comedy training, and more than a decade of experience in the magical arts to create an unforgettable experience. This is more than just a magic show. This is an all-out interactive good time filled with magic and stunts that you just won’t see anywhere else.

Your event’s success hinges on its entertainment. The wrong performer can leave an audience bored or worse, but the right one brings smiles and energy long after the finale and leaves a lasting impression. The Amazing Barry can help to take your event to the next level.

Why the Amazing Barry?

  • The Amazing Barry really is amazing. Over his 15 years in magic he has won a number of magic titles and entertained thousands.
  • The Amazing Barry is a top notch performer. He combines his experience as an actor, improv comic, and award-winning humorist with mind-blowing magic to bring the impossible to life in ways that have to be seen to be believed.

If you have an upcoming event and you want people to be talking about it for weeks to come, then the Amazing Barry can help you reach that goal. The magic does not just happen in front of the
spectators, it happens TO them and leaves them with stories to pass on.

Call the Amazing Barry to make your next event an occasion to remember.

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